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    LOD with approximate date/time

    Al Reynolds

      Hi Guys


      Need a hand:


      Have a LOD calc to determine how many containers are shipping on a single truck movement.


      { FIXED [Pickup Address],[Delivery Address],[Truck ID2],[Start Date],[Movement Code]: COUNTD([Container Number])}


      Small problem with the above. The time is not always exactly the same, may vary by 4-6 minutes but still considered part of the same move.


      How do i build a 4-6 minute tolerance in the "Start Date" to treat two times as in fact the same, for example


      12/10/2017 06:54

      12/10/2017 06:57


      Current LOD would treat those as unique.


      Many thanks


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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Al


          IT always better to include your workbook Packaged workbooks and flows: when, why, how

          It gives a data base to work from but that said I have a question for you -

          the fixed function that you are using will create permutations on all the dimensions that preceed the colon and then aggregate them on what follows th colon -so in identifying the truck movement you aggregating teh fixed expression across -pick up address - delivery address - truck id2 - start date - and movement code - do you really need to get to that level to count the containers on a TRUCK and Movement code - seems like adding the other dimensions into your formula is creating a problem you don't need



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