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    Custom Dashboard Usage Views

    Anmol Parimoo

      Hi all,

      I have a dashboard published on the tableau server and I have to create another dashboard to analyse the usage.

      I require the following fields:


      • Number of times a user has Logged In
      • Total Time Spent by user on the server
      • Last Login Date of user
      • Page/View Visited by user
      • Time Spent by user on a view
      • Download count of user (Workbook/Crosstab)
      • Log In Time of user
      • Log Out Time of user


      I have established a live postgresql connection to the server using readonly user. Please help me identify the tables and how to join them.


      Currently I am using the following:

      I have joined the tables as follows:


      _users to _sites, inner join from Site Id = Id (Sites)

      _users to _views_stats, left join (I also had to get the users who have not logged in) from Name = System Users Name and Site Id = Site Id(Views Stats)

      _users to _workbooks, inner join from Site Id = Site Id (Workbooks)

      _workbooks to _projects, inner join from Project Id = Id (Projects) and Site Id (Workbooks) = Site Id (Projects)


      Feel free to ask anything.


      Thanks in advance