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    Using device designer for multiple desktop layouts; show sheets as tabs


      Good day! As the title indicates, I'm attempting to use the device designer for multiple desktop layouts. Currently I'm using a generic tablet layout and a medium desktop layout to present 2 slightly different versions of our dashboards.


      One thing that I've found is that the official guidance states that show sheets as tabs should be turned off. I have confirmed, that if left on, the resizing isn't nearly as smooth---it locks to the default dashboard size.

      However, I am working with constraints:

      • We have limited access to the tableau server. That means we deliver a packaged workbook, and our client publishes the workbook to their server. This is due to IT policy.
      • We have multiple dashboards in the workbook. If we turn "show sheets as tabs", I'm not sure what alternative we can offer for navigation. As stated above, we have limited access to Tableau server so "external links" may not be feasible.


      It seems like "automatically resize" is universally rejected as an option due to performance concerns. How bad is it, really? And how does it interact with the device layout?

      What would be the most viable alternative to navigating between different dashboards within a workbook that doesn't use tabs?


      Thanks for reading!


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