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    Status of the Group based on status of individuals

    Adam Nieradzik



      I am trying to show status of the server based on the status of 'monitor agent' running on that servers. Each of the servers do have limited number of monitoring agents (each server got the same number of monitors) which may be in state 'GOOD', 'CRITICAL', 'WARNING'.

      The problem is that I have to group those monitors into few categories (shown in below table) and represent the status of the category rather then status of individual monitor. Groups can have from 2 to 5 monitors so for example:

      Disk Space would be monitor 1 + monitor 2 + monitor 3

      CPU Consumption would be monitor 4 + monitor 5 + monitor 6 + monitor 7

      Memory consumption would be monitor 8


      Thanks a lot for help.


      Example Table:




      Server NameDisk SpaceCPU ConsumptionMemory ConsumptionEvents

      Server 345