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    Data Analytics Enthusiast Seeking an Internship

    Emmanuel Ikehi

      Hello All,


      My name is Emmanuel Ikehi, a recent Masters degree graduate of Imperial College London and passionate about data analytics. I am currently in search of a short term internship (4 - 6 months) preferably in the UK to help me improve on my data analytics skill.


      I have developed a range of skills to analyse huge and complex data such as: data cleaning and ETL (Extract-Transform-Loading) processes with Microsoft SSIS and Alteryx; knowledgeable in writing queries and stored procedures for data storage and manipulation with Microsoft SQL Server; creating data-driven static charts, interactive visualisations, and dynamic dashboards with Tableau. My data visualisation projects can be accessed on my Tableau Public  profile. I also have a working knowledge of data analysis and statistical modelling with R and Python. Please check out my projects on GitHub profile.


      I would really appreciate if anyone in the community could provide me with an internship opportunity or connect me with someone who could be of help.




      Emmanuel Ikehi