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    Grouping dimension in Sankey diagram

    Naresh Vadlamudi

      Hi Team,


      By going through the below link (thanks to @chris Love) I am creating a Sankey diagram and facing a problem where in the dimension at both stage 1 and stage 2 are scattered across the Curve axis which is resulting in numerous lines.


      Sankey Charts in Tableau - The Information Lab


      I have attached a recreated dashboard with Super stores data, could you please help to sort the dimensions so that all the curves originating from a single data point comes from a single place.


      The sankey_Curve sheet shown in the attached file, although there are only 4 categories of ship mode, there are numerous lines directed to each combination of Product Sub-category.


      In my actual work I would have to do for 4 stages, every stage has 41 categories which are common in all the 4 stages


      Thank you,