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    Regd. Sankey Chart

    Neerav Makwana



      I am trying to create a Sankey Chart by following Chris Love's method posted here:



      I am facing an issue similar to the one faced by some other users who have posted in the comments section.

      When I drag 't' into columns and 'padded' on details and change the mark type to circle, I get just 1 circle (at -6).



      I followed everything described in the post but as the desktop version of Tableau 10+ does not seem to have the SQL functionality, so I replicated my data once and added the ToPad column manually (1 for original, 49 for dummy).


      As it gave just 1 circle instead of multiple, I changed 'ToPad' to discrete as suggested by a user in comments. Still I am getting the same result.



      Also, when the post says “Finally make sure the index in [t] is Computing over [Padded]”, what does it mean, and how do I make sure that the index is computing over padded?


      Thank you!

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