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    "Enter search text" on Filter (multiple values, dropdown list) not working

    Peter Mahoney

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I have made a big table which I wish to filter using a multiple values dropdown list filter. When I type the search criteria in the "enter search text" box, the filter is filtered, but the table itself isn't. I would like users to have the benefit of seeing the both the list and also typing a search criteria, as in Excel, but it seems you can only have one or the other in Tableau (Tableau Public 10.2)


      I can live with this, this is already such a great product, but was wondering if it would be hard to apply this functionality to multiple values, dropdown list? Has anyone else had this thought?


      PS I know my table is too big by Tableau standards and I shouldn't be using Tableau to create pivot tables, but I like the interface of Tableau and was hoping to embed it in our website.





      Filter Mult Val Dropdown search text.JPG


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