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    % of Total Field Calculation V10.0

    Mike Penland



      I am trying to make a formula in tableau that finds the percentage of each contract from a year that it makes up of the entire year's contract value. Basically, to divide a value from each row that belongs to a certain group or multiple (year, region, customer) by the total summed value of all rows who are part of the same group. In the example provided, I'm looking for a formula that will divide the contract value of each item by the summed contract value for the year the contract was made, and return a percent contribution to that total. I.e. for Chairs in 2016, the desired calcuation would be 54000/194400=.28 or 28%. In the example I provide it's easy because the data is so small, but can get very tedious and time consuming in larger files and I'm looking for a formula that is universal (or close) and allows me to manipulates the factors/groups that decide which contracts will be included.


      I'm not sure explained this well, but any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance