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    Data practicioners - come build with us!

    Juan Vasquez

      Hi everyone-


      I'm Juan, and I'm helping organize a TUG meetup later in the year. In the meantime I'd like to invite you all to participate in Startup Weekend Latinx in Tech LA. The event is not limited to Latinos/Latinas, although we do aim to use this event to create awareness amongst those who identify with the Latino experience.


      There are 3 ways you all can be part of this weekend-long hack-a-thon:


      1. Join as a participant! Tickets are usually $99 but here is a link for $20 tickets because I got so much love for Tableau

      2. Serve as a mentor to help teams leverage data analysis and visualization in their pitches and product development.


      3. Volunteer for specific time slots!


      You can reach me at juansvas@gmail.com if you have any questions.


      Here is a run-down of the event format for further context:

      - Friday, Sep 29: Participants network, eat and pitch their ideas. Teams form around the most popular ones and they begin work by crafting problem statements, doing research and delegating work based on skill sets.


      - Saturday, Sep 30: Teams circle up at 9a and begin work on market validation, product development and develop a business model. Working professionals from Latinx and/or immigrant backgrounds come in as mentors.


      - Sunday, Oct 1: Teams develop presentations, round 2 of mentors come in to support with storytelling, public speaking and sales, and teams pitch to a judges panel of professionals from the investment world.


      The event is happening at a coworking space in DTLA, 33 floors up.