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    Conditional Filter

    Rajashmita Kar

      I have a filter Country , I want to write formula in the filter condition such a way that if date=Today and Count(Id)>0 then show else hide filter value. How to achieve this?

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          Rajeev Pandey

          I haven't checked but this should work .if not please let me know .I am.using my mobile so didn't check it on Tableau . Appology in advance.

          I don't know your date format so instead of using any specific  date and I m.taking day

          if datetrunc ('dayofyear', [Your Date Dimesion / User defined Parameter ) = Today () Function /or Now () and Total(COUNTD(id))>0 then "show" else "Hide" end.


          Drag that in filter and select show.Hopw this helps..


          PS: Havent tested it #RandomSuggestion


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            Rajesh L M

            Use only Relevant values option in country filter, doing this shows only those countries which has count >0 and also use date=today condition in filter.