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    Drill down on Line chart

    Evgeniy Stepanenko



      I know that I can create action for whole chart Re: Drill-down within categories in charts

      Is it possible to drill down on the specific line inside chart?


      For example

      Region   | Country   | Sales

      Region1 | Country1 | 100

      Region1 | Country2 | 100

      Region1 | Country3 | 100

      Region2 | Country4 | 100

      Region2 | Country5 | 100

      Region2 | Country6 | 100

      Region2 | Country7 | 100


      Y-Axis: Sales

      X-Axis: Time

      Added mark as color for Region


      Line Chart shows different colors for each Region.


      When I click on dashboard value "Region1" I need drill to Countries which are related to Region1.

      So new visualization has to show lines for Country1, Country2, Country3 which have different colors.