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    LOD calculation takes out specific rows when introduced new dimensions

    David Luhut

      Tableau Experts,


      I am a beginner in Tableau, so would love to learn from all of you.


      Came from Excel background, thus am comfortable with PowerPivot and DAX.


      I am trying create what I was able to accomplished via PowerPivot that is a Profit and Loss Statement with 'custom headers' in Tableau but isn't going anywhere.


      Below are a few screenshots that I have made to show you what they were.


      Tableau Join and Data View .png

      The 1st screenshot is basically showing you how my data are and how they were set up and joined.


      CalcRevenue shows correctly.png

      As you can see on this screenshot, this is the result that I expect to return.



      CalcRevenue shows wrong result.png

      However, when I introduced a new dimension, in this case, Country, some records that's in 'DimPnlHeader HeaderName' were left out blank. This is not the result that I want.


      What I want is to have it filled down the rows for each 'Country'. Which in this case should be '577,040' for 'Australia', '32,553,237' for 'Canada' and '34,979,031' for 'USA'.


      Desired Final Result.png


      My desired result, HOWEVER, is that, for a couple of records in 'DimPnlHeader HeaderName' needs to be BLANK, to act as a 'Header'.


      First of all, is what I'm trying to achieve, doable in Tableau? If it does, how do I go about solving it?