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    Tabcmd filter not working although syntax is correct

    Terence Hinrichsen

      Good morning fellow Tableau users,


      I thought I would share my experience after spending days on the forums and days of sweating to find a solution.. Eventually, after a support call with Ciaran from Tableau support we came across the fault. I would just like to document it for future 'users' like me struggling to get it to work.



      I have a Tableau workbook published to a project in Tableau server which I use want to distribute. Firstly I test my "filter" in the URL (example: "http://xxx/#/views/SalesreportMonthly/Dashboard1?BranchCodeFilter=B21" and SUCCESS, the report is produced perfectly.


      Then I setup a tabcmd session and pass the following command:

      c:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\10.3\bin>tabcmd export SalesreportMonthly/Dashboard1?BranchCodeFilter=b21 --fullpdf -f c:\test\testing.pdf

      but when I open testing.pdf - the report is generated, but the FILTER is ignored.



      I had created a separate user account for tabcmd to use (didn't want to use my own account) and the specific user did NOT have the "interact" permission on the WORKBOOK - it did have the interactor permission on the PROJECT...


      So I just added the "Filter" and "Download Full Data" permission for that specific workbook for that specific user and VOILA - success.


      Hope that this helps someone in the future save few days of revising and republishing and revisiting your code and workbook 1000 times thinking that the mistake is in your code...