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    Tableau server changing task priorities on it's own

    John Powell

      Has anyone else had it where the priority of tasks in Tableau server are changing of their own accord?


      I guess it's doing something dynamic to best optimise the order the extracts happen in but it's putting the ones I want to happen first to the bottom of the pile.


      I have 2 or 3 tasks out of 18 that should be priority 1.  The rest as 2-5.  I keep getting reports from users that these reports are blank, I go into here and find server has changed their priority to 50!  This means the extract is then trying to run whilst another product (Kettle Spoon) is still extracting the data from the CRMs Sybase DB and hasn't yet populated the MySQL database tableau reads from.


      Not a biggie and it's easy to sort out but it always happens again at some point which is a little frustrating.