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    How to show Row Count in Dashboard with measure filter applied ?

    Dipen Routaray


      Can anybody help me on the following :


      I have a sheet that has a table calculation filter applied (see calculation below) along with other quick filters.

      I want to show the row count in dashboard (number of values in dimensions resulted after the filters applied).


      Column-1      Column-2                 Column-3                                    Column-4                                                               Column-5

      Product_ID  sum(Revenue)    Total(Sum(Revenue))       sum(Revenue)/Total(Sum(Revenue))      Running_Sum( Sum(Revenue)/Total(Sum(Revenue)) )


      Product_ID is sorted based on Sum(Revenue).

      Column-5 is the filter that has been applied in the sheet as a percentage (Using "At Most" i.e Min value is fixed).


      Wanted to show how many products are there for aplied filter. Since I can not apply the measure filter to other worksheets, I could not find any workaround.

      Please help if there is any work around or any design changes required by using parameters or so.