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    Check if record meets certain criteria then sum those records


      Hi again,


      Thank you Jennifer VonHagel for the Sum tip yesterday, today I realize that each of the 3 sums I am working with must display only certain TicketTypes.


      I have 2 TicketTypes in the data and need to be able to identify TicketType1 and provide a sum of those records meeting the conditions below:


      sum(IF DATEDIFF('second', [Created], NOW()) >= 2592000

      THEN 1 END)


      I cannot use filters as I am showing 3 different calculations on a sheet and to filter out one TicketType in one filter will filter the records from another calculation.

      What would I enter into my calculation to only apply  the calculation to TicketType1 and display only those records?


      I am unable to attached a table due to work policy. I can try to extract a portion and change some data if this would be more helpful in visualizing what I'm trying to do.


      Thanks, Lisa