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    Highlight Individual Attributes In A Field If They Occur More Than X Times

    Leanne Vermeulen

      Hi, a client wants to know if customers purchased any particular product more than x-amount of times. The calculation they want would then show that for every instance (per customer) where a product was purchased more than x-times, this would count as 1. If it happens for that same customer that another product is purchased more than x-times, the number would be 2, and so on. So, the data is laid out that you have the Product field and then obviously the individual product names within that field. Is there a way to highlight the number of times each product was purchased per customer and assign each instance a value of "1".


      I'm thinking I can fix "Product" to "Number of Records" and create a formula that says if SUM > x THEN 1, etc. and then fix that to "Customers". But I'm not sure that will work per each instance of a product?


      Results also needs to be filterable by year selected. Any ideas?