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    Need help with calculated fields

    Jatin Kakani

      Hi Team,


      I have a BOP value (dollar amount) for the current month. I am doing some forecasting and for that I am assuming that my BOP will grow at a rate of 0.5 % each month.
      I have created 12 calculated fields BOP - current month + 1 to BOP - current month + 12 t get these values and I inted to use them in another calculation.
      Now as you can see in below screenshot, I have month of renewal date. So starting current month, I wish to display assumed BOP, Up for Renewal - Revenue and Units.

      Since I have 12 calculated fields - one for each month, I created another calculated field where I am checking if month (renewal date) = current month+1 then use BOP - current month + 1,
      if month (renewal date) = current month+2 then use BOP - current month + 2, and so on.

      However because of this, I am getting the BOP amount for only those merchants for which renewal date was that particular month (From Aug 2017 to Aug 2018).
      Whereas I wish to show the values of my original 12 fields which have the total BOP each month, irrespective of if it was renewed that month or not.


      I'd appreciate any help.