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    Clear Sessions on unload--mem usage


      I'm in our first few months of building up Tableau at our company.  I have a small # of users currently (half dozen or so).  I recently noticed that our PROD server was at 90% mem utilization even when idle.  Here is what I found:


      • Restart services resets mem to base usage which is around 1g
      • Opening views increases mem storage. 
      • Closing those views or logging off does not restore memory.
      • I understand from Russel's posts in the attached thread that it keeps these in memory for quick access however, when I access that view it puts me at 2g of mem usage and leave it when I return again it jumps up to 4g.  This happens on both my dev and prod server. 
      • To be clear, once I open a view it increases memory.  When I leave it does not decrease.  When I come back in it increase it by the same amount again.
      • I have set the vizqlserver.clear_session_on_unload to 'TRUE' with no change.  (tabadmin set vizqlserver.clear_session_on_unload true  --- tabadmin config -- tabadmin start


      I am running TS 10.2.1.  I understand this tool is memory intensive, but this is not behaving correctly IMO.


      I appreciate any insight.






      clear session on unload configuration