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    Filter shows "All" after dashboard action to drill down

    Darrin Wenstrand

      I have a sales dashboard that links to a region dashboard via a dashboard action on a chart.

      When a region is clicked on the chart, the action navigates to the Region Dashboard with the focus having been drilled down to the selected region. However, the Region filter displayed at the top right shows all regions selected.

      Additionally, when check boxes on the region filter are changed, only the chart is affected. The table does not change as other regions are selected.


      The customer would like to be able to drill down to the region dash and have the filter check box be only the selected region. Then they would like the chart and table data to both add regions as they click other check boxes.


      The attached workbook has both the sales and region dashboards displayed with a 3rd dashboard titled "Preferred Filter Behavior" which displays the action that the customer would like to see.


      I understand that this filter behavior is the default so what i'm looking for is a visual workaround.


      Thanks for your help, community.