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    Shared Development Enviornment Best Practices

    Ross Helenius

      Hi All,


      We are developing in a multiple developer shared environment with tasks distributed across developers and workbooks. We are coming up with ways to try and mitigate lost work and overwrites without a code control/merging system built in to Tableau, but I wanted to reach out to the community and see if anyone else has a particular workflow that they thinks works well.


      Here are some of the things we do:


      -Check in/Check out functionality on workbooks via SharePoint via a document placeholder with the workbook name. We do this so everyone understands who is currently working on a workbook and can ping them if they need access to a workbook so the other developer can let them know timing or save.

      -Repository for any custom SQL, we are making reusable datasources with any table logic so each person understands how to consume and the ins/outs of the datasources.

      -Separate dev/test/prod to allow for changes to each place before publishing up to the next level after appropriate testing.


      Do you have any other processes in place? Any tools you find useful in doing this?