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    Show Previous Quarter/Half Yearly values based on Time period selection - dynamically


      Hello -


      I have 2017-H2, 2017-H1 & 2016-H2 along with other Q's which has pre-calculated in back-end (DB)

      combination of 2017-H2(2017 Q3+ 2017 Q4); 2017-H1(2017 Q1+ 2017 Q2); 2016-H2(2016 Q3+ 2016 Q4).


      When I select 2017-Q1, it has to pick the previous Q(2016-Q4), instead it picks the one which was in the order(2017-H1).

      And when 2017-H2 selected, 2017-H1 values should show as Previous H; and when selected 2017-H1, it should show 2016-H2, but not on the sort order or previous Quarters.


      Thanks in advance.

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