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    Running % by date with event date milestones...

    Sunny Ne

      I came from different BI tool where doing this graph was very easy.

      However, I'm struggling in Tableau to do this.

      Date is very simple.

      I have two excel worksheets.

      One has:









      2nd file has:



      Health Event-----------10/28/2017

      Community mailer----11/31/2017


      Basically, there's no join key on those two files.

      The graph I'm trying to come up with is a running % of how many students completed by date and it should show milestone of the event date with event name.

      1st file has 6 persons.

      1st event from 2nd file is 25th of August so the graph should show a line at that date and show % of completed graph.

      Until that point, graph should be 1/6 (16.66%).

      2nd event was on 10/28 so the graph should show milestone line at that date and graph should now increase to 3/6 (50%) and to 4/6 (66.66%) on 3rd event on 11/20.

      I tried bringing them together with a fake join key, calculated running total/ total records etc... but can't get them to come together.

      Here's a screenshot attached of what I'm trying to achieve.

      thanks for suggestions.