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    Automating Report Generation

    Oh Benjamin

      Hi All!


      Currently, my workplace requires me to generate a specific report to keep track of various indicators as well as to inform the organisation of the movement in the changes. What I have now is an excel that runs through formulas to automatically generate date-value specific graphs based on my current week. Note that since this is still a tedious process when it comes to dissemination, i have the intention to use tableau and its build in functions to eventually just upload my storyboard weekly to give access to multiple users with greater ease.


      Here is what I have so far:


      1) I have 2 graphs and 2 tables required per indicator.




      The first graph shows the 4 week value for 2016 and 2017 and the table is a pretty simple one, showing current and past week as well as a W-o-W % change.




      The second portion is slightly more tedious. I need a Y-o-Y comparison and I managed to do that by creating a UNIFIEDDate field but again, I am having some problem creating the simple table below.


      So all in all, experts, I require some tips and advice on how to automate the process based on the spreadsheet I have attached.


      1) Automate the dashboard to update to the latest data weekly based on new inputs

      2) Create the 2 simple tables to accompany the graphs


      PS: Also added the TWBx file for y'all to look through my current process. If there is a better way of doing things, I am all ears. Its been my 2nd month using Tableau at work and so far its been great!