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    Discovered a (hacky) way to get discrete axes for continuous line chart

    Jeffrey Kritzman

      This has been a question that keeps coming up - my boss doesn't like that some graphs have headers (i.e. labels at top) and some have axes (i.e. labels at bottom).  I know you can modify this somewhat for headers, but if you have more than one level of header, it doesn't really work.  I had a moment of inspiration, and came up with a way to get around this!  Warning, it's a bit hacky...




      To do this, I basically created empty graphs using discrete pills on the header to create separate header graphs, and then removed the axis labels for my graphs using continuous pills.  The trick is to make sure to use the same data and the same filters (especially date filters) on the 'header graphs' and the graphs they're for.  Here you can see the 'header graphs' when I pull them in as floating, and when they're in place.


      floating.png floating in place.png


      I can't really post the workbook, as the underlying data is confidential, but I'd be happy to answer questions if anyone has any!  Plus, I just wanted to share, as I think this report is coming along nicely


      Feedback welcomed!