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    Tableau Quiz Night -  looking for similar events?

    Kirstin Lyon



      I'm looking for material for a Tableau Quiz, and for anyone who has done this type of event before.


      I was thinking of running it like a pub quiz without perhaps some different types of rounds and a prize at the end for the winning team.


      Has anyone done anything similar? If so,  do you have materials you'd like to share?  Or some experiences from the even itself?




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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Kirstin,


          I've written quizzes as part of training materials, I don't have anything I can share except a lot of core ideas for questions and a couple of suggestions.


          - create several different charts where one of them is not something you can get from Show Me and ask which one isn't on Show Me

          - create charts with problematic chart type selection e.g. line chart on categorical data and ask for a more appropriate chart type. This could have multiple answers.

          - show the Tableau workspace for a viz with all shelves and ask what the pill type is for one or more pills. There could be three parts to this: discrete/continuous, dimension/measure, and the data type

          - show just the viz with legends and a field list and ask what field would go on what Shelf

          - show just the viz with legends and ask what kind of pill would be necessary to create a certain aspect of the viz, e.g. a continuous date dimension to get a date axis (tho could be a continuous measure with a dimension somewhere else in the viz)

          - show a viz with something extra beyond the basic marks (e.g. trend lines, reference lines, two-pass grand totals, show empty columns/rows, sets/bins/ad hoc groups, etc. use mark type for label color, custom number/date formatting, etc.) and ask what setting is necessary to generate that output. In some cases there could be multiple answers.

          - questions on date parts vs. date values, e.g. "what option would you pick to show all quarters for all years"

          - what would be necessary to fix a broken formula (lots of options here from simple syntax errors to fixing agg/non-agg error, etc.)

          - writing calculation examples e.g. an IF/THEN for classifying performance into high/medium/low

          - do something like a multiple choice answer for function arguments e.g. "Which of these options is _not_ a valid date part for DATETRUNC()? a) dayofyear b) weekday c) decade d) year"

          - show a viz with a table calc and ask what the compute using of the table calc is

          - show a set of join results for a simple data set and ask people for what join type was used

          - show a simple data set and define a question and ask what kind of join would be necessary to answer the question

          - ask about keyboard shortcuts/menu commands/toolbar commands. It's surprising how many people don't know what's available in what menus.

          - ask how to extend a crosstab beyond 6 discrete pills on Rows/Columns. For bonus points ask how to extend that answer beyond 16.

          - given a viz using Automatic mark type ask what happens if pill X is moved from Shelf A to Shelf B. For example a viz with discretes on columns & rows and a continuous measure on columns that creates bars and then drag that to Size and get a treemap.

          - for the really nerdy types (I am one) ask what version feature X was introduced in, like "what version were join calculations added to Tableau? a) 9.3, b) 10.2, c) 10.0, d) not yet"

          - ask what % does in a calculation

          - "what's the fastest way to X" questions can be really fun because they will often expose new paths to do something in Tableau.

          - create a business question and two vizzes where one answers the question really well and the other not-so-well and ask questions about what is problematic in the second viz. This gets at pre-attentive attributes, use of white space, fonts, etc.

          - show two calcs that get the same result and ask which would be faster/better/easier. e.g. "Which of these is faster? DATETRUNC('month',MIN([Order Date])) vs. ATTR(DATETRUNC('month',[Order Date]))"

          - speaking of ATTR() (or a data blend with a dimension from the secondary) come up with a viz where there are * showing up and then ask what would be necessary to remove the *

          - search for Tableau tips (like Jeffrey Shaffer's blog posts of tips, Jeff & Andy Kriebel's Tableau Conference presentations, Marc Reuter's Jedi talks, @helpmedatablick on twitter, etc.) and steal ideas from there


          Suggestion #1: Creating questions that have only 1 "right" answer takes a lot of iterative effort and skill in writing questions and knowledge of what's possible (and not possible) in Tableau. Therefore my suggestion for the quiz administration is to treat it as an opportunity to share knowledge (i.e. not just show off knowledge). By that I mean that if the quiz teams a) come up with an answer that nobody else thought of or b) interpret the question in a different way and answer that different question and/or c) argues really well that their pick for the multiple choice answer is also accurate/usable then those teams get celebrated for that.


          Suggestion #2: There's a massive difference in skill level between a) what people can immediately answer from memory, b) what they can do if they have Tableau open, and c) what they can do if they have time to do web searches. In my Tableau Advanced trainings I regularly have users who build amazing vizzes but they don't have a lot of immediately accessible facts about Tableau and/or their knowledge is very deep in some areas and quite limited in others. Also the standard deviation of the amount of experience with Tableau is very large. Therefore for a broader audience my suggestion is to keep the questions simpler.


          Suggestion #3: Have some variety in the data sets used. For example there's a large population of Tableau users who don't use Tableau for finance so questions involving finance-related data sets (even Superstore) can be harder for them to answer.



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            Jordan Scott

            Thanks so much, Jonathan! This is awesome.