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    Calculating public holidays between two different dates

    Priyanka V

      Hi everyone,


      I'm stuck in a very bad situation with the public holidays calc. I have two different dates "Open Date" and "Close Date" and need to calculate turnaround time between these two dates excluding public holidays and weekends.


      What I'm up to so far:


      I have calculated the turn around using a date diff.

      DATEDIFF('day',[Opened Time (Closed Cases)],[Closed Time])


      However, I was able to get it right only after using a LOD


      i.e, { FIXED [Case Number]: MAX([Days (Case Turnaround)])}


      I don't understand why! Now I need to calculate the public holidays+weekends between open date and closed date and exclude them from case turnaround.


      In Order to calculate 'Public Holidays & Weekends', I have a date table in the data base there are following fields:

      • all dates in chronological order
      • Is weekend flag
      • Is weekday flag
      • Is national holiday flag


      I have used these flags to calculate the count of public holidays and weekends


      Public holiday Count:


      IF [DATE_DT]>=[Opened Time (Closed Cases)]
      [DATE_DT]<=[Closed Time]
      THEN 1
      ELSE 0


      Weekend Count:


      IF [DATE_DT]>=[Opened Time (Closed Cases)]
      [DATE_DT]<=[Closed Time]
      THEN 1
      ELSE 0


      This doesn't work, even after fixing it to case number level. I have gone through all the posts of public holidays but have been unsuccessful so far. Please help.



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          Norbert Maijoor



          Thanks for reaching out and sharing your challenge.


          Find below link as a "starter"...


          Calculating the Number of Business Days | Tableau Software

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            Shinichiro Murakami

            Difficulty here is we cannot make relationships between two tables.

            This is not fantastic way, but you can do something.

            Only brings the result of

            - Number of Days between start and end excluding Weekend and Holidays for specific Event


            Another concern is ugly parameter name..., anyway


            Create Calculated field in the event table.


            [Event ID]+"_"+str(Year([Start])*10000+month([Start])*100+day([Start]))+



            Create parameter using above [EventID_Date]

            Then , decompose [EventID_Date] to [Event Name], [Event_Start], and [Event_End].

            [Event Name]

















            Now you can calculate number of days for respective selected Event through parameter.


            Other way to achieve the goal is that you create all the combination of [Event] x [Date] as different table.

            (See Sheet Table_3 case)


            Prepare three tables

            Table 1 = Event start / end

            Table 2 = Holiday Calendar

            Table 3 = All [Event] x [Date] combination which Includes all "day" between event start and event end.

            As Table 3 primary data make relationships like.

            Table 3 Event =link= Table 1 Event

            Table 3 Date =link= Table 2 Date


            This solution is much easier in case you can easily create Table 3.




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              Kyle Boyce

              I have a questions in regards to calculating Business Days. I've made a Workdays Days Completed Calculated field using:

              DATEDIFF("weekday", [Start Date], [End Date])

              - 2 * (DATEPART('week', [End Date]) -DATEPART('week', [Start Date]))

              + (IF DATENAME('weekday',[End Date]) = 'Saturday' OR DATENAME('weekday',[Start Date]) = 'Sunday'

              THEN 0 ELSE 1 END)


              The above gives me the number of workdays between the Start Date (MIN(date)) and the End Date (TODAY()-1), BUT I need to figure out the number of workdays in the month that I'm currently in.



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                Saurabh Mohanty

                I don't know if any one has found a solution yet. But I can give what I have done for this situation

                I have a holiday excel with dates listed down. I have a custom query which gives me start date and end date.

                in order to check  how many holidays are in between a start date and end date my approach will be as follows.


                Define a dummy column in excel which acts as a join column and give value as 1 . Then in custom query have a join columnn defined with same value..


                Join the two data sources like shown in diagram