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    Difficulties calculating monthly stock level

    Lucas Gros



      I've been scratching my head on this for days but can't find how to do it:

      I have a file with sales transactions (monthly) and initial stock of each product.

      I want to calculate the monthly stock level for each product. The formula would be, for each product reference: [Initial stock] - Running_Sum[Quantity Sold]. But that LOD doesn't work.

      In the attached workbook, I did, for each reference:

      - calculate and display initial stock (ATTR([Total Delivered]))

      - running sum of monthly sales (RUNNING_SUM(SUM([QTY])))

      - finally: I 'm trying to calculate the difference with a (LOOKUP(SUM([Total Delivered]),0)-LOOKUP(RUNNING_SUM([QTY])),0)) DOESN'T WORK.


      Can someone help me on this please?

      Thanks a lot.