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    How to display one field multiple times every day for a start-end date range

    Lalitha Pragada

      I have a calendar i am implementing for all different active tasks in my team.


      I have to show all the open tasks that are expected to start each day. I have used the field - Expected Start date for creating my Calendar ( Weekdays on columns and Week on rows).

      I have plugged each task into the calendar.


      Now, the trick is, for every task, there is a Expected Start and End date. Now, if a task has 3 days from Start to End date, my requirement is that it should be displayed all three date cells. ( suppose, start date is 8/15/2017- End date is 8/17/2017) Right now, my workbook only show that task on 8/15/2017.


      How can i display a task multiple times from start to end date for each date in that range?


      Due to confidentiality of work, i am unable to share my workbook. Kindly understand and help me with the solution.



      Thanks a ton!

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