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    Base Query on the Subset of Another Query

    Will Coulby

      Hi All,


      I'm working in Tableau 10.


      We have two data sets. The first is a hierarchy of accounts, the second is the transactional information related to those accounts. Given the size of the latter data set, I'd like to only query the transactional data for the accounts we'd like to look at.


      Given the hierarchical structure of the accounts, I'd like to be able filter the account set down using multiple filters. Eg sub select two regions and then 5 accounts. I would then like to query the transactional data for the accounts I am filtered to.


      The closest I can seem to come to this is to us parameters. I can either run one at the account level or at one of the higher levels in the hierarchy. This doesn't let me select multiple parameters however and provides a rather inelegant UI to work from.


      What is the standard pattern for these types of on demand queries where we want to base the results on sets rather than singleton values?