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    How to group countries based on Percent of Total values?

    Khalid Baker

      Hey Everyone;


      I have been attempting to group countries based on the percent of total. So if the you have 6 countries, then you group top 2 values together, the middle 2 countries together & the bottom 2 countries together.


      For Example:

      Suppose the order from top to bottom:

           Saudi - 6,000,000

           China - 5,000,000

           Singapore - 4,000,000

           Australia - 3,000,000

           India - 2,000,000

           New Zealand - 1,000,000

      Saudi & China would be grouped together (Top 2), Singapore & Australia would be grouped together (Middle 2) and India & New Zealand (Bottom 2).


      How can I have that logic in Tableau?


      All the help is appreciated


      Kind Regards;

      Khalid B