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    Group and concat

    Nivedha Satyamoorthi

      hi everyone, I am trying to print out long format to wide with group by. The attached example explains what I am looking for. A single student can have more then 1 educators. For example, John has two educators and thereby two comments. I need John's row to be grouped as one single row and the comments concatenated. Is this possible?



      StudentStudent NameEducatorCommentACommentB
      2JamesAbrahamGood workAvg work
      3GaryAdamsGood workNot bad




      StudentStudent NameEducator1 CommentsEducator2 Comments
      1JohnGood , FairExcellent, Avg
      2JamesGood workAvg work
      3GaryGood work, Fair, GoodNot bad, Excellent, Excellent