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        Matt Lutton

        OK--That's what I originally thought.  The answer is no, not as far as I have seen thus far.  The floating message was a workaround to deal with this. Cheers

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          Joshua Milligan

          I agree.  Unfortunately, I don't see a perfect solution to this issue.

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            Douglas Hackney

            Matthew & Joshua,


            Thank you both for your quick replies and help with this question.



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              Qian Xu

              Hello, everyone


              Has any of you find perfect solution? Now tableau 10.1 remains to have the same issue.


              Another question is: is it possible to make the date after today unclikable when using date range filter

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                Angie Hall

                Another option that doesn't involve parameters attached. Uses LOD filter to ensure max date is dynamically selected as data changes and filter actions to allow users to choose previous dates.

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                  Rajat Rao

                  Spot on, Shawn! I have tried all sorts of workaround, but nothing actually fixes this simple problem. Is there a better workaround out there yet? its tableau "10.3" for heaven's sake. Please do share seniors if you know of any solution ! would really appreciate it!

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                    Joshua Milligan



                    It is 10.3! And it has the solution:



                    Hope that helps!


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                      Rajat Rao

                      Thanks Joshua! (this may be a long reply. Please do read through, when you get a chance. )


                      Actually, in my case, I am dealing with a continuous date slider. (not a discrete dates) I understand this may not have been the right thread to have commented on, but its just that I have been reading and trying all sorts of workarounds in my situation so kinda got disappointed with my in-ability to get this fixed (not even good workarounds)! So, to give an idea before I go ahead and make a new thread.


                      As we know a drawback of the date range filter is that it stays set to whatever it was at when the report was published on the server, that’s why we generally use the relative date filter so that the reports always come up set to the last 30 or 90 days, etc. But, our customers need to select specific date ranges, which the relative filter doesn’t support.


                      So, There are 2 things I want to achieve and I want to do them in parts to ensure its working properly on the Tableau Server:


                      1) Part1: A date range filter that is always set with an end date of today by default.


                      -- Solution I found for now, is just to have "all dates" selected in filters and then before publishing ensure that the filter is "cleared" (meaning its not getting filtered for a specific range, its using all dates of the dataset!). After doing this, I do have a partial solution in place. my date slider defaults to all the values in my dataset until date, which is fine, but the start slider point is set to the oldest date (it shows data all the way from 2016 until now). What I am looking for instead is a short range chosen while publishing, and have the slider continuously update itself(right end of it moves) as and when data refreshes.


                      2) Part 2: A hybrid of both custom date range and relative date using a parameter to determine which is being used, default to relative. For eg: 1) Last week 2) Last Month 3) Custom Dates


                      -- Now, for this I have been able to find a lot of different but similar workarounds. Using Popping parameters and Sheet swapping variations like in these





                      But, unfortunately, nothing seems to work in my case. As they all in some way or the other use floating objects-- such as blank sheets or fake sheets or opaque objects -- to hide/show sheets/filters/parameters on the dashboard.

                      When I use these techniques of swapping/popping/hiding, it looks great on the my desktop and as soon as I publish it on the server I see that floating object going all over the place and not anchoring to where I would want it too! (it's actually working as a floating object should work, I am not complaining about that at all!) but for me its just a not a viable solution, as my screen resolutions and devices used to view the dashboard changes customer to customer. So, there not fixed way to handle this, where floating objects work exactly on all kinds of resolution. Even if I demo every kind of screen it is unbelievabliy painful to arrange all the objects on the dashboard to a fine grain detail, it simply is irritating a workaround.


                      In an ideal world, it would be nice to have a way to control one parameter with another parameter. It would make things a whole lot easier. (not sure if that's possible) or better yet, give complete set of options on Dates and its manipulations. (I am sure its easier said than done, but it sure as **** would be nice to see! )


                      anyways, sorry for the huge rant. Please do feel free to share any links/soultions/recommedation, that you'd think may work in my case. Would greatly appreciate it!




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                        Joshua Milligan



                        Another possibility to consider (though not as simple as a checkbox) is to use the continuous date slider filter as you said (with All Values selected) and then use a combination of a parameter that allows the user to make a selection as you indicated (e.g. Last Week, Last Month, All Time).


                        But you always show both the parameter selection and slider controls (so no funny popping or swapping) but you control the date range in the slider based on the selection of the parameter.  To accomplish this you will create a calculated field, based on the parameter, to use as a filter for your data set.  Something like:


                        [Parameter] = "Last Year" AND YEAR([Date]) == Year(TODAY()) - 1


                        [Parameter] = "Last Month" AND DATETRUNC('month', DATEADD('month', -1, [Date])) == DATETRUNC('month', DATEADD('month', -1, TODAY()))


                        [Parameter] = "All Time"



                        Then you add that as a filter and make that filter a context filter.  Set the slider control to be Only Values in Context and it will dynamically update to the range based on the parameter selection.


                        So, basically you are allowing the user to define the context, but then narrow the date range if desired.  If you have an option for "All Time", then they can set whatever range is present in the data (basically the custom date option).


                        Hope that helps!


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                          Rajat Rao

                          Thanks a lot for reading and coming up with a reply, Joshua! means a lot for tableau noobs like me.


                          It's funny you gave a similar solution that I was just about to implement. I think what you suggested here (Re: Re: Quick filter always shows the last date ) was on the same lines. I was going to try and blend that to the current solution at hand. So, in short, what you said might just work for me ! (until, of course, my oh-so-nice customers decide to ask for more! )


                          Will surely keep you updated!


                          Also, would it be okay if I were to direct message you or email you in someway if I need your help with something in the future. (I'd rather discuss here so that others like me find what they are looking for too! ) but just in case if I do need help. Would really appreciate it! Thanks again.




                          • 72. Re: Quick filter always shows the last date
                            Rajat Rao

                            Hey Joshua Milligan ,


                            I tried what you suggested. It works nice, but there are still some weird stuff happening. Can you please help ?


                            So, when I open the report for the first time everything looks great.


                            When I choose "last week" option, I get the slider nicely showing dates for last week.


                            And when I choose "Custom Dates" it defaults the range to all the values I have in my dataset.(which is great!)




                            But, here's where it starts acting weird. Let's say now I choose the option "Custom Dates" and change the slider to show me results from 3/14 to till date (screenshot below)



                            And now, after doing that if I hit the option "Last week" again, it brings the slider back to full-length (and the data gets properly filtered for that last week, just the way we want it!) BUT!! it doesn't change the date shown (left hand side date on the slider). That left side date still shows the old date chosen earlier (it can be extremely misleading and down-right confusing for the users, everything filtering wise is being done right but display seems to be acting funny!)




                            Is there a workaround within this workaround ??? (Tableau is making me go round and round in all these workarounds! sigh! ) Please help!


                            For your reference, here's my calculation on the filter(calc field)




                            IF [Date Selection Parameter] = 4



                                (IF [ExpectedDeliveryDateTime] >= { FIXED : MAX([ExpectedDeliveryDateTime])} - 7 THEN 1 END)



                            ELSEIF [Date Selection Parameter] = 3


                                (IF [ExpectedDeliveryDateTime] >= { FIXED : MIN([ExpectedDeliveryDateTime])} 

                                        and [ExpectedDeliveryDateTime] <= { FIXED : MAX([ExpectedDeliveryDateTime])}


                                    THEN 1








                            • 73. Re: Quick filter always shows the last date
                              Joshua Milligan



                              You're right, that's got some issues.  I hadn't even thought about the fact that once the control was touched it wouldn't update nicely with the parameter.  So, I'm going to have to give it some more thought to see if there's a way around that, but it may well be that what I had first thought was a clever solution is not so much.



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