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    How to fix custom month numbers from Min date to Max Date


      Hi Guys,


      I have a different requirements o date.


      First, I have Project Start Date with Minimum date is (Nov-01-2016)

      Second, I do have Project Completion Date is (Mar-01-2018)

      Third, I fixed Fiscal Year Starts from Nov to Oct.


      Now I need to fix Month Numbers from Min date to Max Date


      Ex: Nov-01-2016 is Month=1

            Dec-01-201 Month=2

           Jan-01-2017 Month =3

      ...........Upto Project End Date= Mar-01-2018 for this March Month= 17

      Count of Months is 17.


      Please note some project dynamically keep changes from Start to end dates so, I would like to calculate no of month from Start to end date.