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    First date in the current view


      Hi everyone,


      I filtered my data, so I can only see cases of patients that meet special conditions. I'd like to know the first data a patient meet the conditions. I've tried it with MIN and with FIXED, but then I get the first date a patient visit the hospital, not the first date a patient meet the conditions and is shown at the current view. Is there a chance to get the first data of a patient in the current view?


      In this example I would like to see only the "3.Juni 2011" (= 3rd june 2011) for patient "2072".

      It would be also perfect to get a variable that shows a "1" for the first date and a "0" for every other date of a patient, because I'd like to characterise the patiens on that special date afterwards.


      I hope you understand what's my intention and that someone can help me.

      Thanks in advance!