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    Tableau DR, possible ways to do it.

    David Ferguson



      I was hoping that someone might be able to point me in the right direction in regards to  setting up a DR site. I know its not officially supported by the current tableau software and there is a software solution on github by brilliant data but to be honest I don't fancy their solution.


      We currently have a 4 node setup, 1 primary, 2 workers and a backup primary for DR we would probably only have a 3 node setup leaving out the backup primary on the DR site there will be less than 50 miles between data centers..


      We are currently investigating 2 options to see which one would be the best, the first is straight forward and the recommended way the second I'm not sure about and I'm looking for advice to see if its possible


      1) follow the standard backup/restore process, then copy the back up to the DR site and then restore using the no config option. Then change the DNS to point at the DR site

      2) have tableau server installed on the DR site but don't run it, then on the Primary site add a node from the DR site with minimum services plus the Repository then during a system down start up the DR  tableau with a enhanced tabsvc.yml  use this node to seed the data for the DR site. then change the DNS accordingly.


      As stated above  I know the first option will work but will have a large RPO depending on backup\restore schedule and the second option that should have a low RPO but I'm unsure if its feasible  to do.


      Thanks in advance David