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      • 15. Re: To identify patients with at least once the same diagnosis as recorded on Cause of Death



        it’s difficult to explain, especially in english, sorry.


        The first condition is right, that works the way you already told me.


        The second condition is more complicated. I’d like to see every patient who did not die, but admitted into the hospital within the prior 365 days with the same diagnosis, but there are patients who where at least e.g. 6 time in hospital with the same diagnosis. But only between the second and third admission are less then 365 days. So when I choose the first or last date as reference, that patient will be excluded (in the example patient 3)


        As an example:


        PatientnumberCasenumberDischarge dateCause of dischargeDiagnosis
        1112014.03.13treatment regularly endsR57.9
        1122016.02.20treatment regularly endsR57.9
        2212013.01.11treatment regularly endsM54.5
        2222014.05.23treatment regularly endsI50.00
        3312011.04.24treatment regularly endsR57.9
        3322013.01.22treatment regularly endsR57.9
        3332013.03.28treatment regularly endsR57.9
        3342015.05.06treatment regularly endsR57.9



        I’ve tried it with the self-join Kettan suggested, so I can identify every patient. But then I’ve got the problem, that I need the date/case when the patient was admitted into the hospital within the prior 365 days with the same diagnosis for the first time, because I’d like to characterise the patients at this time (age and so on).

        Thank you


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