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    Dynamic Date Filters

    Russell Mortimer

      I have been developing a series of self-service sales views.


      Generally they are published showing a predefined period - e.g. this month, previous month etc.

      90% of users will want the view just that, but the remainder of the time would like to be able to define custom periods e.g. June 16 & June 17.


      When using relative periods that would show all dates in between.


      If I add filters for the Date elements, Year, Month (and maybe day), then when I publish the view it will retain the selection at the point it was published.... leaving me with the following options:

      1) Select the most recent date  - forcing users to update manually or me to keep re-publishing each month.

      2) Publish with no date selected - which will display a blank dashboard

      3) Show a combination of relative and discrete filters, which will give flexibility, but may confuse users.


      Is there an elegant way of displaying a relative date range by default, but that users can override with a selection?

      Other than add more date filters or forcing users to always redefine the period required