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    Displaying Tableau on SharePoint

    Rick Maly

      Good Afternoon,


      I apologize if this has been discussed.  Been searching for some time, but didn't really find the answer.


      Currently, I have data loaded onto the Tableau server.  I used the desktop client to create some worksheets and dashboards.  I published that workbook to the server.  I use Alteryx to post the data to the server.


      I can run the Alteryx workflow perfectly.  It posts data to the Tableau server and the workbooks update on the server.


      Now I have the dashboards embedded into SharePoint using a script editor.


      However, when I run the Alteryx workflow throughout the day, the dashboards in SharePoint do not update.  Even if someone has to log into Tableau through the embedded link on SharePoint.


      Everyone has to click the refresh button on every Dashboard.  We have around 30 dashboards for our management to view so having them click refresh on them all is not an option.


      Is there something I am missing?  Is there a way to have SharePoint Auto Refresh the Tableau connection?  Refreshing the pages on SharePoint doesn't work.


      Thanks in advance.