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    Setting different ports for different sites

    Stephane Cloutier

      Hello all,


      We are creating two sites (for this example they are called EXTERNAL and INTERNAL) on Tableau Server...


      The INTERNAL will contain workbooks that are only accessible to users specified (coming from an Active Directory list) and who are internally to the organization while the EXTERNAL will contain workbooks available for everyone from outside (using the Guest account).


      We want to see if it is possible to specify the port to access each site (for example, port 80 for EXTERNAL and 90 for INTERNAL).


      Basically, the reason for this is that we want to prevent outside people to access the INTERNAL site completely - we will have an Apache server in between the external users and the Tableau Server with only the site to the EXTERNAL opened on it.


      Any idea how to set this up ?

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Stephanie.


          Short answer? No. Tableau listens on a single port. If you're worried about an admin "fat fingering" a security setting and letting an "external" someone into the "internal" site by mistake, perhaps you could use an application layer (level 7) load balancer which interrogates the headers of a URL/request - it would "throw out" all requests which reference the internal site.

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