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    Accidentally deleted a viz on Tableau Public...

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      What happens if I accidentally deleted a viz from my Tableau Public online profile, but I have a saved .TWBX workbook on my computer?


      I tried to open the .TWBX workbook using Tableau Desktop Public program on Windows, but it complains that "The requested workbook does not exist on Tableau Public.  Only workbooks that are currently available on Tableau Public may be opened."


      Which means the backup workbook I saved on my computer is completely useless?  I know that Tableau Desktop Public 10.3 has the new capability of saving and opening local TWBX files, which appears to be an excellent feature for backing up one's online vizzes, but if the online version must exist in order to open the local version, then this feature has very little meaning.


      I am fairly new to Tableau and still learning all about it, so I hope there's something I can do to recover my accidentally deleted online viz, and I'd appreciate your helpful comments.