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    Show count occurrences of when a date falls between a start and end time

    Trevor Hungerford

      I need to show how many containers are at our site on any particular day (looking for the total number per day for three years).


      Some sample data is shown below, where arr_ts is the entry date  and dep_ts is the exit date.


      A1/01/2015 15:372/01/2015 17:33
      B2/01/2015 21:263/01/2015 2:29
      C2/01/2015 22:503/01/2015 3:21
      D8/01/2015 11:5813/01/2015 20:37
      E8/01/2015 12:0413/01/2015 20:32
      F8/01/2015 12:4413/01/2015 20:29
      G2/01/2015 20:452/01/2015 23:49
      H2/01/2015 18:572/01/2015 23:53
      I2/01/2015 20:412/01/2015 23:53


      Is there a way to show that in tableau as a line chart with a count per day of containers onsite?