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    Problems with top and filters

    Ricardo Rivera



      I have a number of problems trying to make a top 10

      What I want to do is a sample of 10 suppliers (dealer name) in which  the number of times a record appears (diferencia en datos) And be able to filter it by fiscal year and months,  but I do not want all types of records so  apply a filter to the dimension of "diferencia en datos"and when applying the top 10 in the filter using the dimension of" dealer name ", does not show me the correct values And when I apply a filter for fiscal year 2017 the data disappears (dimention FY)


      help me please



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          Marc-Anthony Di Biase

          Hi Ricardo,


          Your 'FY' field is currently an integer, with two values 2016, or 2017. I'm guessing that your underlying data source is an excel sheet, which formatted these numbers as integers, when they should be considered date fields, as they hold a value that translates to a given year. I would recommend changing this to a date just as a best practice for starters.


          In terms of your actual issue, what I would suggest would be to set up a parameter for the FY field, that would hold all the years in the data set. You would then use the 'Condition' tab within your suppliers top 10 filter to filter out the dates you don't want to see. I'm assuming these dates are 'Fecha de inicio', 'Fecha de reporte', or 'Fecha factura si no es...' and hold some significance to your data. This would work by setting the condition equal to:


          [FY Parameter] = [Selected date field]


          The top condition would remain the same, but with this condition in place, it would only take the top from your given FY in this case.


          If this is unclear, please convert the FY field into a date field (as when I try to it tells me I don't have permission to, because I don't have your original excel sheet) and re-attach your notebook.

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            Ricardo Rivera

            thanks Marc,


            Thanks, I converted FY to  string type and in the filter frame  added it to context, also the dimension of "diferencia en datos"   and it worked