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    sessions and view value

    Tracey Kuthol



      i am looking to download full data using session id and view id in server side.




      how do i get this session and views values or how do i make the download url like this https://report server/vizql/vud/sessions/9BC5E41C9E6749C197294D834FCCFA19-0:1/views/14425121001966086373_14100708447717819456


      thanks in advance

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          Hi Tracey Kuthol,


          I'm not sure to understand what you really (really) want

          Could you please give us a little bit more details?


          Do you want to download data from Tableau Server's views?


          I'm raising this thread to give it more visiblity.



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            Tracey Kuthol

            Here is what i did.  I embeded viz into our portal application.  I used javascript functionality to download raw data, image, etc.  we have custom export for clients.  When user click on custom export, getUnderlyingaync  called to get data.  After getting json data this send it over to middleware.  Middleware do some processing (ET) and upload data to another server.


            Due to large amount of data, browser stop responding.


            I am looking for similar functionality like full data download (raw data).  I took this url and typed in any browser the data downloaded from tableau server.  I am looking to implement in server side.


            I am looking into tabcmd with filter some filter doesnt match exactly like download

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              Tracey Kuthol

              Do you want to download data from Tableau Server's views?  Yes but whatever customer did filter in the client those data only i need to download.