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    Creating a z score band

    marc de Latour

      I am trying to create a band on a line chart involving score.  I have poked around but haven't found any clear directions.  I found this thread which I followed and got stuck on the create transparent shape part and  the workbook is gone. How to label outlier? There is a standard deviation reference band on the graph and I want all the values that fall outside of the std deviation labeled.  Please help.  below are the calcs.  Any help.  Ideally the visual has a line for the actual dimension over time and then a band for the z score


      "Average mmbr count"

      WINDOW_AVG(sum([Mbr Ct]))


      "STD Mbr Ct"

      WINDOW_STDEVP(sum([Mbr Ct]))


      "z score"

      (sum([Mbr Ct])-[Average MMbr Count])/[STD Mbr Ct]



      "z score color"