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    Different actions for Clearing Selection

    Andrew Lin

      I have a filter action through menu that will filter all the worksheets on another dashboard. The problem is when I clear the selection, I want to have 2 worksheets showing and 2 worksheets hidden, but I can't select both Show all values and Exclude all values. The 4 worksheets need to be in the same action filter, but I want separate actions when clearing the selection. Is this possible?

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          Marc-Anthony Di Biase

          If this is a click action for example, you can split it up into two click actions effectively perform the same action - but have different event types when the selection is cleared. On the click event, both actions will trigger, but the difference will be the behavior when the selection is cleared.


          Let me know if this helps!

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            Andrew Lin

            The problem is I want it on Menu instead of click. If I create 2 actions with the same name it'll show them both when I select something.

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              Marc-Anthony Di Biase

              That was an oversight on my part, that definitely complicates this issue. What's the use case on navigating to the four graphs on the separate dashboard, there might be a possible work around for what you're trying to accomplish.


              Attaching a packaged workbook would also help, if possible.

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                Andrew Lin

                The hidden worksheets are crosstabs that show additional information when I click on a bar graph. I want them to be hidden unless the user wants to view additional information through selection. The dashboard I want to navigate from is a variance dashboard. If the user sees a spots an usual variance, they can click the menu from the selection to go to the dashboard which contains actual information filtered from the selection.

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                  Marc-Anthony Di Biase

                  If I'm understanding your workflow correctly, you have a graph that displays variance and upon drilling into that variance you are brought to another dashboard with two bar graphs that display the details of the variances broken out into bar graphs. When you click one of the two bar graphs (I'm assuming either graph is clickable) then you drill into 2 cross tabs of the underlying data.


                  What I would suggest, based strictly off this concept and not having a grasp of the underlying data is that the menu filter action from your initial dashboard only filters the two bar graphs on entry with a show all values action filter. Attach a click action once you are in the variance dashboard to each of the bar graphs, that are set to exclude all upon clearing selection, which will mimic the functionality you wish to create.


                  However -- the underlying problem still occurs of the cross tabs populating if the user, for example, doesn't clear the bar graph selection, navigates back to the initial dashboard, then clicks into another variance. In this case, not only will a cross tab appear, but it will appear with details on the previous variance - which is not only incorrect but also has a potential to be misleading.


                  To work around this issue you will need some creativity. I have an idea on how to do this - but am unsure on your audience/objective and how this will be received.


                  Navigating back to the initial dashboard without clearing the selection on the crosstab is the underlying issue to my suggested solution - so what I would do is limit the user's ability to navigate back without first clearing the selection. I would first create a button (for your reference How to create Buttons) that would take the user back to the initial dashboard. This can be done with a click action, similar to what is being accomplished with the drill down on the variances initially, just with no parameters passed.


                  The next step to this solution would be ensuring that users cannot access this button unless selection is cleared. To do so, I would hide or block the button while a selection is made on the bar graph (when a selection is made, a crosstab is visible according to my understanding) which can be accomplished by Dynamically show/hide worksheets on dashboard - action filter. The parameters to show and hide the worksheet would be passed through the dashboard action that is triggered on selecting a bar within the bar graph - when active it should hide the button, once the selection is cleared (cross tab is no longer visible) it would show the button again and allow the user to navigate back to the initial dashboard.


                  This is may not be the only way to accomplish this - it's just the only way I could think of. If you have any questions please let me know - but I do strongly urge you to attach a workbook if this is the case, as any incorrect assumptions made are caused by not knowing the data or your use case.


                  Let me know if this helps as well!

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                    Andrew Lin

                    I will look into this tomorrow. Thanks for all the help! As for attaching the workbook, it contains customer sensitive information, but I will replicate that workbook with generic information and get it packaged if your solution doesn't work.

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                      Marc-Anthony Di Biase

                      Sounds good to me, this may be helpful to you for generating the data: Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing

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                        Andrew Lin

                        I just did your way of hiding a button until the selection is cleared. Works perfectly. Thanks!

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                          Marc-Anthony Di Biase

                          No problem Andrew, glad I could help!