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    Work with Maps and Spatial data? We need your feedback!

    Kent Marten

      * Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey and supported Kent Marten and the Maps team. This survey is now closed and the thread has been locked for further comments.

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      Hello Tableau Community,


      I am organizing a customer study to learn more about how you use spatial data in Tableau. We have had a ton of feedback over the years, but since the release of the spatial file connector in Tableau 10.2, there's been a surge in interest in mapping in Tableau. I want to make sure that we're aligned with our customers and building the right features and capabilities into the coming releases.


      Simply respond to this thread and I will be in touch with a survey.




      For more information. The survey will focus on working with spatial data from a database, from web services, and some open-ended questions about your use cases.


      Some of the ideas that have inspired this survey are below if you would also like to vote or comment on those ideas.


      On connecting to spatial databases:






      On Esri integration:






      Looking forward to your responses.


      Kent Marten

      Product Manager, Maps



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