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    Bar chart with top 5 and "Others"

    Natalia Alvarez

      Hello everyone.


      I have the following dataset. I need to be able to see what percentage of total each type of complaint represents, however I need to show only the "All ok" category, the top 4/5 complaints, and all the other complaints should be grouped into a "Others" category.


      I have managed to create that division, however I need to keep the Complaint dimension on the view for it to work. Since it is a single bar per week, I need to use the colors to divide the categories, however since I still have the Complaint dimension on Details, the values on the Description are shown at the Complaint level and the colors are mixed up.


      I did a couple of tests based on the post Top N, with everyone else as "Other"  however I didn't manage to make it work.


      I'm working with version 10.2 . I have attached a file with an example of where I'm at now.


      Any ideas? Is this even possible? =(