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    Generating Tableau Online URLs from API data

    Brian McGue



      I'm attempting to create an external link on my company's website to specific Tableau pages, mainly Projects, Workbooks, and Views.


      While I'm navigating around Tableau Online, I see that general URL structure for the following Tableau objects are:


      While working with the REST API, however, I'm not provided the internal_project_id or the internal_workbook_id.


      The API does provide an id, but of a different form. For example, a project id I receive through the API looks like:


      Whereas the project id in the URL, when I'm looking at the same project via the web page, (what I'm calling internal_project_id) looks like:



      I'm able to generate a URL for a View with the data available in the REST API because it returns contentUrl for each of the objects listed above.


      I'm hoping to find a way to generate URLs for Projects and Workbooks as well.


      If anyone has had any luck with figuring out how this works, please let me know.


      Thank you,